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The smart link between Ajax and home automation

Product code: AJ-SMARTLINK

  • Supplied complete, including power supply
  • Very flexible and in the future expandable with new links
  • Safe, your Ajax system is not affected


That Ajax Systems has rapidly conquered the market we don't need to tell anyone anymore. After all, for years they have offered a very complete package of proprietary security equipment, integrating UNV cameras, among others. Last year, in addition to the popular wireless system, they introduced a hybrid variant (Ajax Fibra) and later added home automation additions in the form of air quality sensors, intelligent water stops for pipes, and sleek design light switches.

In recent years, many systems such as Philips Hue/IKEA TRADFRI, Google Home, Sonos or iRobot have made their appearance. Not to mention already a considerable market share in the Benelux! How nice would it be if you could connect Ajax with those?

And that is exactly what the AJ-SmartLink from ARAS offers. One smart device with which numerous other systems can be linked to the security systems of Ajax Systems. Using the AJ-SmartLink you can make numerous smart links; think for example:

  • Turning off all lighting inside when you turn on the alarm
  • All lights on 100% when the alarm goes off, with an additional siren or audio alert over your Sonos audio
  • Having your robot vacuum cleaner or lawn mower start automatically when you turn on the alarm
  • Etc.

In a professional environment, the possibilities go much further. For example, consider an Ajax Fibra system with the integrations below:

  • Controlling PTZ presets when an alarm is triggered.
  • Switching up images at a fire or alarm notification
  • Placing bookmarks in a VMS at switch-ons, switch-offs and alarms
  • Etc.

Because of the link with IFTTT (If This Then That), the possibilities are almost endless.