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Ajax Lightcore recessed double switch

Ajax Lightcore recessed switch double

  • Light switch for installation in standard wall box
  • Can be combined with AjaxButton in your desired color
  • 2-way communication via Jeweller protocol
  • Encrypted with dynamic key
  • Notification via Ajax App
  • Configuration via Ajax App
  • Programmable via scenarios
  • Response to alarm
  • Reaction to security mode status change
  • Response to pressing another LightSwitch
  • Contactless operation (15 mm from push button)
  • Backlight (switchable via app)
  • Switches up to 300 watts
  • Temperature protection (switches off at more than 60 degrees C)
  • Current protection, (switches off at more than 2.6 Amp)
  • Operating temperature between -40 C to +40 C
  • IP 20
datasheet3.98MB Download