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Anviz VF30-ID

ANVIZ biometric reader for access and time & attendance control.

Standalone reader with keypad and multi language LCD screen. Identification based on fingerprints, proximity cards RFID EM (125KHz), user code and numerical password, allowing the following combinations: Fingerprint, Card, User+Fingerprint, Password+Card and Fingerprint+Card. With capacity of up to 2000 recordings of fingerprint and up to 50000 records. Each user can record 2 fingerprints, 1 card and 1 password.

New generation resistant optical fingerprint sensor encapsulated and sealed. It has a powerful Texas Instruments Stellaris® processor 32-Bit and incorporates the BioNano algorithm that allows fast and reliable reading of dry, wet and cracked fingerprints, as well as intelligent and progressive improvement of the fingerprint information with each new reading. Allows time & attendance control (times), creation and management of user groups and time slots. Optionally it is possible to install Anti Passback mode (check).

PC communication via TCP/IP, RS485 and miniUSB Plug & Play port. Output with security encryption Wiegand 26 for connection to an independent access controller. It incorporates its own integrated access controller, which permits to receive a door sensor, an opening button and provide relay NO/NC output for direct control of locks. Additionally, it allows use as a ringtone via an output enabled for this purpose. Equipped with tamper anti-opening with notice.

ABS housing, suitable for indoor, protocol IP53. Complete users and access management software included free of charge.