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Magnetic contact detector that can be used on doors, windows and in general on any object that opens and closes. The sensor sends an alert to the panel that will activate the alarm when magnetic displacement occurs. It also sends a warning signal to the panel in case of a low battery.

It is the most reliable detector to protect opening doors and windows, but can also be used in drawers, gates, cabinets, etc. It also has a tamper protection that prevents the element from being sabotaged.
  • Consists of two parts: transmitter and magnetic
  • 433 MHz wireless connection to the panel, with a maximum range of 80 m
  • With an armed system, it sends an alert to the panel when the magnet is detached
  • Low battery warning light (estimated battery life of 2 years)
  • Equipped with anti-open sabotage switch
  • It has a wired alarm output in case you want to use it optionally
  • Inform the panel in case of low battery