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Complete wireless alarm system, with communication of messages via phone card. You only need mobile phone coverage to monitor your home or business. And with no monthly fee or subscription, you receive alerts on your mobile phone, sent directly by the alarm. Because you are completely wireless, there is no need to connect any equipment with cables.

This wonderful kit has everything you need, so you can install an alarm yourself that alerts your mobile phone of any attempted theft or break-in. It consists of the control panel, a PIR motion sensor, two door/window opening detectors, two remote controls and two RFID proximity cards.

In addition to what is included, if you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android), you can download the manufacturer's application completely free of charge to configure, enable and disable the system without any complexity.
  • Made of methacrylate and touch front, with numeric keypad
  • GSM module, just insert a GSM phone card of any operator
  • The control panel will call you or send an sms to any event
  • Block detection function
  • Buttons for full arm and partial arm
  • Emergency button, to call a pre-configured number
  • Microphone and speaker, designed to verify via audio what is happening on your premises
  • Button to record a voice message stored in the system
  • Interior siren, with configurable volume
  • RFID proximity card reader
  • Attractive design, will not break the aesthetics of your home or business
  • Includes 12 V DC power supply to power the system
  • 3.7V battery for backup in case of power failure