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Gas leak detector, to be activated on detecting a concentration of certain gases in the air above normal. Among the gases that can be detected are the most typical ones, such as natural gas, butane or propane. It can detect gas leaks immediately and sound and light the alarm. It is applicable in residential areas, buildings, houses, hotels, apartments and anywhere that flammable gases are present.

An excellent detector that provides safety and confidence in your home or business for little money. It has an internal siren that will sound with high power when gas leakage is detected, so this detector can be used independently (without being connected to the alarm center) or can be installed on the alarm center, so when a gas leak occurs a notification is received on your mobile phone.
  • -Wall mounting, built-in bracket that facilitates mounting.
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz to the panel with a maximum range of 300 m
  • - Direct AC 220 V
  • - Built-in 75 dB internal siren, which activates when it detects a gas leak and resets itself
  • - Front LEDs with different colour status
  • - Detects gas when the concentration is greater than 10%.
  • - Gases detected: natural gas, propane, methane, butane