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Glass breakage detector that alerts the alarm in case a window, display case or other type of glass is broken. Installed nearby and aimed at the glass you want to monitor, the detector will pick up the frequency produced by the breaking glass in case of breakage and alert the alarm panel.

It is especially important when securing shops or houses with large windows, as this detector will most likely be the first to sound the alarm in case of a break-in that consists of breaking glass. Very useful for detecting vandalism.

It works with a bidirectional detection system. It does an audio frequency analysis to detect the characteristic sound generated when a glass breaks. And at the same time perform a low frequency analysis to detect when pressure is applied to glass in protected areas. This dual analysis makes it virtually a glass break detector without false alarms.
  • - Easy installation on ceiling or wall, compact and aesthetic size
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz with the panel with a maximum range of 100 m
  • - DC power supply 12 V including AC / DC transformer
  • - Two-colour LEDs on the front for status reporting
  • - Range 7 m