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Independent keypad to arm/disarm the alarm system. It is compatible with the alarm panel it communicates with wirelessly and allows you to turn the alarm on and off via your numeric keypad or via proximity remote controls.

You can place this keypad at the door of your home or office and hide the alarm panel in a safe place. So even if an intruder enters and sabotages the keypad, the alarm panel will continue to work and receive the signals from the detectors, activate the siren and send the alert to your phone.
  • - Enables enabling / disabling / partial enabling / SOS via the keypad
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz to the panel with a maximum range of 80 m
  • - Compatible with proximity key fob for disarming (it can be discharged up to 50)
  • - Equipped with tamper
  • - It can activate/deactivate a wired electronic lock