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PIR motion detector for ceiling, wireless, for alarm system. Allows the detection of an intrusion occurring under the detector, and sends an alert to the panel that will activate the alarm.

The design makes it particularly easy to install on ceilings, and the infrared beam 360º allows full detection with no blind spot under the detector.
  • - Detection angle 360º of the detector
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz to the panel with a maximum range of 80 m
  • - Integrated self-regulating temperature system and anti-turbulence air technology
  • - Recommended installation height 2.5 to 6 metres
  • - 6 meter detection diameter (with detector at 3.6 meter height)
  • - Low battery warning light (estimated battery life 2 years)
  • - Low power consumption in sleep mode due to inactivity
  • - Test button, to adjust the installation of the detector