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Wireless motion detector type PIR for the alarm system. It allows the detection of any intrusion that takes place in front of the detector, and sends an alert to the panel that will activate the alarm.

This detector has the special feature of creating a "virtual curtain" for you, with dimensions of 5 metres long, 3.6 metres high and an angle of 15º (1.3 metres final). Any object or person passing through this virtual curtain will be detected by the PIR. It is particularly suitable for covering windows, skylights, room entrances, etc. It is very effective in covering windows, skylights, room entrances, etc.
  • - Virtual curtain: 5 meters (length) x 3.6 meters (height) x 15 ° (angle)
  • - 433 MHz wireless connection to the panel, with a maximum range of 80 m
  • - Integrated self-regulating temperature system and anti-turbulence technology
  • - Installation suitable for ceiling or wall, vertically or horizontally
  • - Low battery warning light (estimated battery life 2 years)
  • - Equipped with anti-open sabotage switch
  • - Low power consumption in idle mode due to inactivity
  • - Test button, to adjust the installation of the detector