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Photoelectric smoke detector, which works by detecting smoke particles in the environment. Thanks to its special design and photoelectric signal processing, it prevents false positives due to dust or other interference, focusing on the detection of smoke caused by visible or hidden fire.

When it detects smoke, it sends an alert to the panel that will activate the alarm. But in addition, it has a built-in siren which will sound at the same time of detection, causing the first warning. It is widely used in homes, shops, hotels and offices.
  • - Easy installation on the ceiling, compact and aesthetic design
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz to the panel with a maximum range of 100 m
  • - Automatic restart after alarm and when the smoke concentration disappears
  • - Internal high-powered siren: 85 dB/m
  • - Low battery warning system, the detector itself warns you when the battery is low
  • - Photoelectric, smoke enters the detector and scatters the light of a LED, stimulating a photosensor
  • - Wide detection range of 20 m²