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Vibration detector (seismic) for the alarm system. Especially useful to protect walls from burglary attempts by buffalo, or safes, drawers and objects of special value. It is only necessary to place the detector on the wall or on the object to be protected. When manipulating that object, the sensor will detect the generated vibration.

When it detects vibration on the protected object, it sends a wireless alert to the control panel, which will activate the alarm.
  • - Easy installation on the wall, including mounting sticker
  • - 433 MHz wireless connection to the panel, with a maximum range of 80 m
  • - Includes 2 AAA batteries, with 12 months autonomy in standby
  • - Adjustable sensitivity via jumper, allowing 3 levels (high / medium / low)
  • - LED indicator informing of a possible intrusion or a low battery
  • - Equipped with anti-open sabotage switch