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Siren 105 dB suitable for outdoor use, with flashing light. It communicates wirelessly with the alarm center and therefore, when an intrusion or event is detected, in addition to sounding the internal siren of the alarm center, this powerful siren will also sound and light up.

It is the ideal complement to any alarm system, as its main function is to deter potential intruders or warn of external events. And without a doubt, the siren will help fulfill this mission perfectly.
  • - Suitable for outdoor use, IP54 protection
  • - Wireless connection 433 MHz to the panel with a maximum range of 80 m
  • - DC power supply 12 V including AC / DC transformer
  • - Backup battery of 3.7 V in case of power failure
  • - Two operating modes: connected to panel or independent (directly on detectors)
  • - Capacity of 105 dB and flashing light
  • - Equipped with tamper