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  • Brand: Spro

SPRO 2MP IP 10-50mm Bullet with ANPR

Part Number: DHANPRIPQ20/1050R/30M-V2
Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixels
Lens: Motorised Lens
Codec recording: H.265
IR Distance: Up to 30m IR distance
Analytics: ANPR
Style: Bullet

The SPRO ANPR cameras will allow you to identify and record number plates, ideal for car parks and driveways. Number plates can be added to black/white lists that can control a barrier. With the DHANPRIPQ20/1050R/30M-V2 there is an option to install the unit without an NVR and to record onto a micro SD card.

The maximum speed in which the DHANPRIPQ20/1050R/30M-V2 can read and record number plates is 60mph and can be installed between 8 to 30 meters away from the target area.