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Elite mast

  1. Built-in six-foot extendable mast with a camera bracket for 4 cameras and lights.

  1. Plastic crawler system to guide and protect cables.

  1. Stainless steel cables to the mast top to reduce camera vibrations that cause false alarms.

  1. Easily printed with your personal message on all four sides on 2m x 1m panels, making this a highly visible way to promote your business.

  1. Quick to install by just one technician using the manual winch, which reduces installation costs.

  1. Vandal resistant, 100% galvanized steel construction with two lockable top covers that protect the electronic equipment inside and toothed guards that prevent climbing in.

  1. Four retractable stabilizers and spirit level to keep the mast stable, certified to wind speeds up to 85 mph.

  1. Heavy-duty slots and attachment points for forklifts and pallet trucks making the mast easy to transport for storage and location.

  1. CE, ISO and TUV approved.
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