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Smart thermostatic valve Nivian Smart, for water radiator in boiler circuit.
It controls the temperature of the rooms individually, in cooperation with the NVS-THERMOSTAAT thermostat.

Easy installation, without the need to drain the water or intervene in the radiator circuit, simply by replacing the thermostatic valve attached to the metal body of the radiator valve.
Universal compatibility with most existing thermostatic (non-manual) radiator valves, thanks to the various adapter threads. To identify the type of existing valve, the appearance of the valve must be considered, since thermostatic valves differ from manual valves in that they exhibit some kind of scale of values or steps in their rotational positions and a fixing thread to separate from the valve body , while manual handles are simple handles that indicate opening or closing with directions of rotation and do not include a fixing thread.

The intelligent valve or eTRV communicates by radio with the communication center HUB of theNVS-THERMOSTAAT, to work from the app, so it is necessary to have this product in advance.
The most notable features of this solution are:

  • Large range by radio (80 m open space) install on any radiator in the room.
  • Stable communication.
  • Runs on batteries, without the need for electrical outlets.
  • Low consumption, average autonomy 1.5 years.

The features we can find in the smart valve are:

  • LCD display with temperature, date / time, battery, programming and mode indicator.
  • 3-button keypad and rotary knob.
  • 5 operating modes to adjust the room temperature.
  • Automatic programming, with 5 periods as standard, expandable to 9.
  • Schedule for hours, days, week or whole weeks.
  • Detection of rapid temperature drop (open window).
  • Antifreeze / Rapid heating / Comfort / Energy saving modes.
  • Lock function to prevent unintentional adjustments (children).
  • Weekly automatic descaling.
  • Correct installation detection.

The Tuya Smart app offers compatibility with the largest existing Smart Home device platform, including Nivian Smart products.
Configuration is easy and intuitive in just 2 steps thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud.

Thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud, opportunities for automated control and management increase exponentially:

  • Remote temperature management.
  • Manual, automatic or vacation mode.
  • Possibility of intelligent programming.
  • Actions linked to the mobile user's GPS positioning.
  • Weather related actions (integrated server).
  • Creation of smart scenes that communicate with other Smart Home devices.

In addition, the Tuya app is compatible with voice assistants from Google and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to activate devices and scenes via convenient voice commands.