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Smart thermostat for Nivian Smart gas boiler.
Universal compatibility, for any gas boiler with an output for thermostat control, with 2 or 4 wires. Easy installation, without the need for pre-existing installation or wiring.
Its great asset is its installation flexibility, since it allows wired installation, directly replaces the existing wired thermostat, or it can work wirelessly, eliminating the need for wired installation and allowing the control button to be placed anywhere. we always need.

It consists of two elements, a communication center or HUB and a control button.
The control panel uses two types of communication technology: WiFi, to link with a router that allows access to the Internet, making it possible to manage it from the Tuya Smart app, and via radio to communicate with the control unit and other accessories.

The most notable features of this solution are:

  • Installation of the control panel in the optimal location for Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Large range of radio control and accessories (80 m open space).
  • Via radio with low consumption, large autonomy and stable communication.
  • Control button with batteries, to place it where it is needed.
  • Double installation: thermostat control relay both in the control unit and in the control unit.
  • Possibility of other accessories via radio, such as the NVS-RADIATOR-TRV radiator valves.

The Tuya Smart app offers compatibility with the largest existing Smart Home device platform, including Nivian Smart products.
Configuration is simple and intuitive in just 2 steps thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud.

Thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud, opportunities for automated control and management increase exponentially:

  • Remote temperature management.
  • Manual, automatic or vacation mode.
  • Possibility of intelligent programming.
  • Actions linked to the mobile user's GPS positioning.
  • Weather related actions (integrated server).
  • Creation of smart scenes that communicate with other Smart Home devices.

In addition, the Tuya app is compatible with voice assistants from Google and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to activate devices and scenes via convenient voice commands.