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Video / Audio / PTZ transmitter and 24 V AC receiver per twisted pair over long distance.

Allows you to send the video / audio / ptz signal of 1 camera via a single UTP cable and receive the power signal to power that camera. It has a BNC (video) connector and standard power connector. The power signal transmitted by the cable must be 24 V AC and the unit has two power outputs: one that provides the same AC 24 V and another that transforms to DC 12 V. In this way, cameras operating on AC 24 V or DC 12 V can be powered. By transmitting the AC power signal, the problem of distance limitation due to power loss can be avoided by transmitting the continuous power signal, thus achieving much greater maximum distances.

The transmission distances are as follows: TVI 1080 (200 m) / 4 Mpx (200 m) / 5 Mpx (200 m) / 4 K (200 m), CVI 1080 (200 m) / 4 Mpx (200 m) / 5 Mpx (200 m) / 4 K (200 m), AHD 1080 (200 m) /
4 Mpx (200 m) / 5 Mpx (200 m), CVBS (200 m)

It is compatible with balun receivers that drive 24 V AC power, such as the BA608VPAD or BA616VPAD power boxes.