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16-channel twisted pair passive video transceiver, optimized for HDTVI / HDCVI / AHD / CVBS high-definition video. It can function as either a transmitter or a receiver and allows the signal from up to four video cameras to be transmitted over a single UTP cable.

The adapter has 16 BNC connectors for connection to a video recorder. Contains 16 individual BA612P-HAC baluns to connect to each camera.
On the other hand, it has 4 connectors for UTP cable, either by two RJ45 or by 4 terminals of 4 contacts +/-, for connecting the cable by wires.

The maximum length between the end connecting to the camera and the end connecting to the video output is: HDTVI 190/190/180/180 m (720p / 1080p / 5Mpx / 4K), HDCVI 440/230/230 / 190 m (720p / 1080p / 4Mpx / 4K) and AHD 320/250/200 m (720p / 1080p / 5Mpx).

Possibility of rack mounting 19 ".