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  • current clamp
  • LED display up to 6000 counts
  • Current measurement in DC and AC up to 600A
  • DC 750V and AC 1000V voltage measurement
  • High accuracy in AC with True RMS function
  • Resistance, capacitance and frequency measurement
  • Temperature measurement between -40°C~1000°C
  • Buzzer for continuity test
  • Current clamp
  • LED backlight displays up to 6000 accounts
  • Direct and alternating current measurement up to 600 A
  • DC voltage measurement up to 1000V and AC voltage measurement up to 750V.
  • High accuracy in AC with built-in True RMS function
  • Measurement of resistance, capacitance and frequency
  • Buzzer for continuity test
  • Diode test
  • Automatic power off