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  • WatchMan door
  • Smart dead lock with Bluetooth connection 4.0
  • Motorized deadbolt system with high security
  • Door opening via free app, integrated piezoelectric push button or Bluetooth button
  • Synchronization with Ajax system when opening or closing from APP WatchManDoor Home
  • Powered by four AA batteries
  • Battery status indicator
  • Automatic lock locking configurable
  • Guest users
  • Record of openings and users
  • Common use in vacant, family and rental properties
  • Push button for manual opening from outside
  • Compatible with virtual voice assistants
  • Surface mounted and invisible from the outside
  • Watchman Door Bluetooth Smart Bolt
  • Ionvisible installation from the outside
  • Guest users and access reports
  • Easy installation without manipulating the door
  • Robust, high-security material
  • Free WatchManDoor home app
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