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Professional power distribution box. It is used as a centralized power supply for multiple cameras or other security equipment providing individual protection.

It provides a total power of 60 W (5 A) which is evenly distributed between 4 DC 12 V DC voltage outputs with terminal connection. The source is powered by a wall outlet (AC 96 ~ 264 V).

It has several protection systems to ensure the perfect operation of the installation:
  • 5A tube fuse for general protection at the source input
  • Resettable PTC fuse for each individual output up to 1250 mA
  • Protection against short circuiting
  • Protection against overvoltage and current surges
It contains an EMI filter to prevent electromagnetic interference with other devices or cables in the vicinity. Thanks to the power factor correction (PFC), it avoids the electrical expenditure of reactive energy in industrial installations. Low-noise and curled output for clean and stable operation of connected devices. Output voltage is fixed at DC 12 V.

The power supply is housed in a metal box, with insulated cable glands and key lock for added protection. An indicator with status LEDs for each output is located on the front of the box to facilitate installation and maintenance.