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Secure to protect video recorders.

One of the weaknesses of CCTV facilities is the risk of physical access to the video recorder and can be tampered with or stolen by intruders or unauthorized personnel.

The VR-110 safe is specifically designed to protect video recorders that are no larger than 1U rack. It consists of a 2mm thick steel cabinet with 4mm steel door and frame, equipped with vents distributed throughout the cabinet, rear windows for wiring and several holes to anchor the safe. It has a highly resistant 180°C polymerized epoxy-polyester paint finish.

The closing of the door is activated by a safe lock with 6 keys and double bolts. Optionally, the removable tray VR-010 can be installed inside for easy access and maintenance.

With regard to the legal requirements for the protection of video recorders, this safe meets all requirements.